Cuu Long Vo Dao

Kung-fu means "knowledge" and they exist different type of « kung-fu ». The Chinese branch includes several styles (wing-chun, wushu, bagua) and vietnamese (Vovinam Viet Vo Dao and the traditional Vietnamese martial arts (Vo Co Truyen).


The School of Nine Dragons follows this branch, under the school Cuu Long Vo Dao. The school Cuu long Vo Dao was born in Vietnam and was founded by 9 masters of Vietnamese and Chinese martial arts, it teaches the techniques of necks of feet of fists, elbow or knees as well as the practices of the 18 weapons traditional: stick, daggers, saber, sword, double sword, spear, halberd, chain, fan, flail, tonfas ... As well as internal energy techniques (Gi-Gong).


The founding masters had the mission of appointing each a successor and passing on their knowledge to them, these successors are known as 9 dragons. One of these dragons was Master Tran-Hoai-Ngoc who brought the Cuu Long Vo Dao to France in 1980 and will open his first club in the region of Nantes to leave the care thereafter to his students to spread his knowledge.


Thus Kevin Vegreville, founder of the club is part of the 4th generation of practitioners of Cuu Long Vo Dao and the second generation of French to teach this art.